Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catnip needs water!

Hi guys, I just wanted to remind you guys that your catnip plants need water! As the summer ends and fall is here, remember that they still need water. Catnip plants if grown indoors, can be watered every 1-3 or 4 days. If your plants are outside, especially in the sun you should try to remember to give them a good drink!

The sun can burn up catnip, but it's a very hearty plant so it usually survives enough to take over part of your yard! I watered my catnip and now I'm going to get ready for this winter months when my catnip plants must survive to keep a constant supply for my cats.

Then in the summer I will probably take a few more clones again and plant them outside because it seems like in the natural environment they grow the best.

I will post a picture of my current catnip mother plant soon.

take care guys!

Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Grow Catnip

This article will explain to you how easy it is to grow catnip. It can be done outside or inside, catnip is a very hardy plant so if planted outside it will take over some parts of your yard (look out!). Cats enjoy catnip (they love the smell and the aroma and I think it makes them feel good).

It is so easy to grow catnip, you have no excuse to not always have a constant supply for your cats1 Your cats will love you for it.

You might be thinking

"Well I bought some catnip at the store and it didn't seem like the cat liked it that much."

This is true because catnip bought in a store is of low quality and is very dry and probably old. When your cats smell fresh catnip they will love it. Sometimes my cats will eat the green stuff like it makes their stomach feel better and at the same time roll around in it and are absorb some of the natural fragrance basically making them buzzed.

Okay so back to the guide. This is my step by step guide to show you how to grow catnip.

1. You can start by going to your local petstore. A small time pet shop may not have it but usually every Petsmart or Petco has it in season. If they don't have it I've asked them and they usually will get more in the following week. So buy a cheap Petgreens live catnip. It will look like this:
growing catnip

2. Okay after you buy the canip, don't give it to your cats right away! First make sure you also pick up a pot and some potting soil as well. What we are going to do is replant the catnip in a bigger pot and let it grow big and strong. Then your cats will have a constant supply of fresh catnip!